Who are the Norwood Christadelphians?

At the core of our existence is a commitment to our God as seen in His book – the Bible.
For about 150 years the Christadelphians have been recognised as a legitimate Christian organization with beliefs based solely on Bible teaching. At the core of our existence is a commitment to our God as seen in His book – the Bible.
The first and perhaps most obvious difference between the other religious assemblies and us is the absence of ministers, priests or any full time employees. We must therefore be considered amateurs, and we are pleased to be that way. It’s not that we lack commitment, but rather we are committed enough to take on the responsibility of running our own affairs, and more importantly the affairs of our Heavenly Father as the Bible directs us. The church that now exists using this principle is controlled by the members who decide, using Biblical guidance, how we act and react to the challenges of living as Christians in our society. We are accountable to ourselves and to God – not a distant legislative body.

What about the name, "Christadelphian?"

First the name. Christadelphians is a name we took on in the 1860’s. It is an English combination of two Greek words giving a meaning of the Brotherhood of Christ. In a world of catch phrases and high tech names the name Christadelphians may seem cumbersome and dated. However we like it and, as it neatly describes what we strive to be, we see no need to change it. Why use the Greek language? The New Testament was written in Greek so we are used to looking at the meanings of Greek words.

And what is an "Ecclesia"?

Next the word Ecclesia. We describe ourselves as being an Ecclesia ("people called out"), another Greek word from the New Testament. Our preference for this word to describe our group is based on the idea that “church” is now better suited to describe a building rather than the group of people who worship within the building. The building, which we call simply a hall, is not what we are about.

The Bible is our lifeline...

Bible study is a vital and constant part of our lives.
We are a “no frills” group of Christian believers who live by the premise that true Christianity is summed up in the words of Jesus - “love God - love your neighbour”. That could leave us open to accusations of being lightweight and lacking in substance. Not so. Bible study is a vital and constant part of our lives. The only way we can come to an understanding of what is required of us by God is to read, study and discuss the Bible. The Bible is our lifeline and we treat it with absolute respect. We make no claims of having special powers or visions from above. We can’t heal the sick, perform miracles or display holy relics. By dedicated study we have arrived at what we firmly believe to be the truth as written in the amazing book God has given us.

Our weekly activities...

To help us, each week, we hold a Sunday school, a Bible Presentation to which we are keen to welcome members of the local community, and a mid week study class. We have a lively group of young people amongst us who have a fortnightly Youth Group. Camps and weekend trips are held throughout the year. We are serious Bible students but we see no reason not to have fun as we serve our God. The friendship and enjoyment we offer is a bonus we make the most of, as it all happens within the boundaries of true Christian ethics. Each person is treated with dignity and respect. The highlight of our week is the Memorial Meeting. Each Sunday we meet to remember our Saviour Jesus Christ. Not only is it our privilege to do this, it is a Biblical instruction we diligently observe as we await the return of Jesus to the earth to establish his Kingdom.