There are approximately 11 million species of life on earth, including humans. According to many estimates, the human brain contains around 100 billion neurons. Did all of these, including the universe itself, begin by chance?

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Katy SComment
Creation in our Backyard

It was a lovely sunny day. I looked out at the large eucalypt tree in our garden. There were a few White Plumed honeyeaters feeding in the flowers. One young one gradually left the others feeding and worked its way down the tree into the smaller Japanese maple tree we have near the house…

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Andy CComment
The Shipwreck Coast in Autumn

The light in autumn is something else.  The sun isn’t as high or intense as in summer so the gorgeous autumn colours are brighter and warmer.  The shadows are also longer and more interesting.  And the golden hours of dawn and dusk are later in the morning and earlier in the evening…

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Man from the sky to fix the world?

The Bible claims that there is a God who created the universe and all living things. A God who knows everything! It also claims that God organized the writing of the Bible. So it’s not like a novel that can give us whatever fictional plot line the author might invent…

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Rod WComment
The Alleged Myth

Every so often I hear the Bible record of the creation of Adam and Eve described as a myth. I’m not sure that it’s appropriate to describe it as a ‘myth’. You can say you don’t believe it but it’s only a myth if you can prove it is just a story…

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David GComment
Bible Reflections - Finding Light

I love photography as a hobby. And I am continually fascinated by the various ways that a camera can work, in recording an image, whether it is on film, or on a digital sensor.

However, for me, technical prowess in a photograph will always be second to the success of capturing a moment. Because that's what photography is, capturing a moment - a moment of emotion, a moment of beauty, a moment of life - whatever it is that is dear to each of us…

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