There is a particular historical dream that fascinates me. It has three important subjects, all well documented in history.

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Yvonne LComment
Getting Closer to God

Being baptised is a really important step in building your relationship with God as it shows him that you have understood and accepted his message, and that you want to dedicate your life to him.

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Graeme IComment
The Bronzewing Pigeon

We quite often walk around our local park, through the native bush area. It’s really pleasing to see the flora and fauna because it gives us a real boost away from the world and its troubles…

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Andy C
What is Truth?

Have you heard the terms ‘relative truth’ and ‘absolute truth’? Greek philosophy, which would have been the source of Pilate’s education, understood ‘truth’ interestingly enough in much the same way as most of our society does.

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David G

Something becomes very noticeable about my religious beliefs when I travel. That something is that my beliefs are shared with all the other members of what we call the “Dawn fellowship”.

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David GComment
The Future Kingdom - What is it?

In a nutshell, the Kingdom, as found in the Bible, is a future time when Jesus will return to the earth and rule all nations. This may sound good to some, but also probably sounds bad to others. After all, how often through history has one man having ultimate power resulted in good things for everyone in the world?

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Ryan SComment