Inspiring Mornings

yarra junction dawn 2.jpg

Most mornings I go for a wander around our garden. It always pleases me, and generally there is something different to see – sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. 


As I walk around I notice the variety in the plants. Not only in the individual plants but also in their shape and colour, and the intricate parts that make up all the flower heads. And there are many more flowers than these all around the world. Each plant has a huge number of parts of its own; none are plain and ordinary, even if we don’t particularly like them. 


Then my mind moves on to other things in nature from the tiniest grass and flower to the greatest of the mighty trees and everything else in between. Further mind-travel takes me to myself and fellow mankind, made up of trillions of assembled parts each and every single one whether it be of bone, muscle, blood or skin; the intricate systems that run through each body, both animal and human to make living creatures. All these parts in themselves are made up of a complex network that runs like clockwork. Any tiny part in the wrong place or the wrong shape would upset the rhythms of the whole. 


In the bigger picture, we have the same preciseness in the universe. We all know that the sun is positioned just in the right spot to stop us on earth from either boiling or freezing. All this assures me that there is definitely a ‘master craftsman’ who not only designed these things so, but keeps them running smoothly – again just like clockwork.


It is hard to imagine humans being able to create such harmonious beauty by themselves. Fortunately the Bible tells us that the Creator of all things is God in Heaven. We can believe the Bible because so many things in it have been proven true – historical records and archaeological finds substantiate a lot of its contents.


So as I wander around admiring the variety of plants we are blessed to have, there is a peace and tranquility about it all.  An overall feeling of awesomeness creeps in upon me. The word awesome means to cause feelings of great admiration, respect or fear. Extremely impressive or daunting, inspiring awe. 

I think that is a great way to think of our heavenly Father.

Yvonne LComment