The Future Kingdom - What is it?

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The Future Kingdom. What is it?

In a nutshell, the Kingdom, as found in the Bible, is a future time when Jesus will return to the earth and rule all nations. This may sound good to some, but also probably sounds bad to others. After all, how often through history has one man having ultimate power resulted in good things for everyone in the world?

So, first things first, we need to take everything we know and imagine about former dictators, or kings or emperors, and how they ruled and the things that they did, and throw them out the window. In the Kingdom, the system will be fair and equally beneficial to all people, no matter what their need is. There will be no favouritism. No societies where the poor are robbed to feed the rich. Everyone will be given the opportunity to live a long and happy life. In fact, the bible says that if a person dies at 100yrs old, they will be considered a mere child.

How can this be possible though? The answer comes down to whether or not we believe in God and His word. If we read the bible, we will see that it is impossible for Jesus to do anything other than good for those around him. Even when he was about to be arrested and put to death, he took a moment to pray for his friends and family.

Here are just a few other changes that we can look forward to…

Wars, gone. Murders and violence, gone. Hunger, gone. All diseases and illnesses, completely curable. Environmental destruction, gone. Tedious election campaigns, gone. Basically, anything that we currently see as being wrong in the world now, will be fixed in the Kingdom. We read so many amazing things that he did during the 33 or so years that he was on earth last time. Imagine what he could do in 1000yrs with complete control and power over what happens!

So, what is the Kingdom? It is a very real future time that striving to be a part of should be our driving force in life. We pray that this time will be soon.

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