The Bronzewing Pigeon

We quite often walk around our local park, through the native bush area. It’s really pleasing to see the flora and fauna because it gives us a real boost away from the world and its troubles.

Bronzewing Pigeon Andy.jpg

Just the other day we were walking and could hear a bronze-wing pigeon calling. If you don’t know the sound it is really quite different from other bird calls. It sounds a bit like a washing machine, “oom, oom, oom”, a constant monotonous sound which carries a fair distance. It is hard to work out where the bird is sitting. 

We looked around for some time knowing the bird was near us and then we found it up in a high branch of a tree. It was near enough to see in the sunlight with its bronze wing changing colour with the refracted light through its iridescent feathers. 

We went home quite pleased with ourselves that we had heard and seen the bronze-wing pigeon. It made us think about God’s creation and how the angels would have enjoyed working out all the different birds and their voices.

A few days later we had a coffee in our back room. Looking out into our garden there was a bronze-wing pigeon walking down our garden path. We were so excited and said we must get a photograph. I decided to get my better camera with a 300mm lens to get a good close up of this bird. I hope you like the result.

Andy C