The Alleged Myth

12 apostles 2.JPG

Every so often I hear the Bible record of the creation of Adam and Eve described as a myth. I’m not sure that it’s appropriate to describe it as a ‘myth’. You can say you don’t believe it but it’s only a myth if you can prove it is just a story. 

Anyway the description raises an interesting point for me. The Bible was written over a period of at least 1500 years by around 50 people. So little collusion - a popular word at the moment - was possible as few of the Bible writers were contemporary with each other. And yet the Bible tells the same story about so many things including the ‘myth’ of Adam and Eve. It is referred to as a fact in many places throughout the Bible including by Jesus himself. 

The Bible exists for a reason. It is God’s message to mankind. You can choose to not believe that. But if it isn’t what’s the explanation for its continuing existence? Worth investigation!

David GComment