Creation in our Backyard

bird in tree.JPG

“And God said, …let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.”
Genesis 1:20 NIV

It was a lovely sunny day. I looked out at the large eucalypt tree in our garden. There were a few White Plumed honeyeaters feeding in the flowers. One young one gradually left the others feeding and worked its way down the tree into the smaller Japanese maple tree we have near the house.

I watched as it fed in the tree but worked its way down to the bird bath at the base of the tree. It kept checking around for predators and then moving further towards the water in the bird bath. Eventually it dropped down into the cool water and enjoyed a bath. 

In a way the young bird’s journey - gradually getting closer and closer to the bird bath - reminded me of a person searching for God’s Truth in the Bible. Getting closer and closer step by deliberate step. 

The young White Plumed honeyeater soon flew back up to the top of the eucalypt tree where it joined the other birds who were all looking out for predators and calling to one another if there was danger around. This reminded me of how Bible believers in God’s Truth all help each other to do His will. 

There’s so much to look at and think on in God’s wonderful creation. Even in our own backyard!

Andy CComment