Never get tired of doing good 

A favourite verse of mine from the Bible is one that I think Beth (my wife) and I possibly quoted to each other more than any other verse over the last few years. 

The verse is Galatians 6:9 “So let’s not get tired of doing what is good.” (NLT).  We shortened it to ‘never get tired of doing good.’  It’s been a really helpful reminder that we’ve used often and I’ll share some situations where it has helped. 


 Have you ever had a task that has to be done and when it pops up it falls in the worst possible week and you think to yourself, “Not this week! Any other week”? Never get tired of doing good. 

Have you ever had an opportunity to help someone in need and the way it works out puts you right out of your way and ends up being quite difficult, or even frustrating, at just the wrong time? This is a terrible thing to feel when you’re trying to do a good thing, but it can happen. But never get tired of doing good. 

 How about if an opportunity pops up to help out with a job for someone that you are close friends with, a job for which you are really well suited, but you’re struggling yourself and you’re just so tired. But you know you would be able to help out so well for that particular thing? Never get tired of doing good. 

 You know who never got tired of doing good? Jesus - every single day of his life. I’m certain He sometimes felt tired of doing good but He never gave up.

He’s my inspiration. 

Jamie WComment