Why I'm grateful

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I am grateful for many things. For my life, family, friends but most especially for my belief in God.

I have been fortunate enough to have been born into a family where both my parents and my grandparents believed in God. I was raised with this belief. Some would call it brainwashed - because my parents believed so did I because I was raised that way etc. Let me tell you I don’t agree. I spent my late teens mostly in non-acceptance of a belief in God and how that related to me. But as a young adult I found a belief in God and I am very grateful for this. I believe in God but note that I’ve said ‘believe’ which acknowledges the fact that I can’t prove God exists. Nevertheless it’s my view that there is just as much logic if not more available to support my belief as not. There is an earlier blog post here whose author describes the main reasons I believe in God very well.

I have a keen interest in current events. As I look at the unfolding history of our world I become more and more grateful that I believe in God. I can’t see how the myriad of problems that humankind faces - especially climate change and its associated issues - can be solved. But I believe God created this earth and humankind for a reason. I believe His son will return and solve the problems and I want to be associated with this. I am grateful that God has given me - and all of us if we want it - the opportunity to be part of His plan.

Such statements tend to invite cynicism I know, but with the way humankind is managing the earth it’s a great relief to be able to be grateful to God as opposed to wondering what sort of world my grandchildren will inhabit. Worth some serious consideration I think!

David GComment