What a waste!

Never in the history of mankind has there been so much waste. You name it - man wastes his food, clothing, shelter and transport. Yes, some things are recycled. But far more is wasted. Mankind is simply not able to control his wasteful nature. Some people make efforts to be thoughtful about this planet and it's finite resources. Most do not.

Far more serious than this waste is the waste of what we do with the limited time we have, and the waste of life itself. Life lost through war, violence, abuse and carelessness is irretrievable. When it's gone it's gone. 

I recall a song called ‘What a waste’. It was written by someone with a serious disability and told of what he could have been were it not for his health issues. Just as it is possible to do something about the material waste in this life, so it is possible to do something about the waste of time and life.

Almighty God has provided a way by which it is possible for us to live forever in the kingdom His son will set up on this earth. We can do this by following His teachings. If we have done our best to be faithful to what God says we will be rewarded with everlasting life. The curse of time will no longer apply to us.

However God gives everyone free will to choose to follow His teachings - or not. 

John WComment